Bring your work team!

Whether it’s a part of your company wellness programme or a team bonding exercise, the World Power Show has you covered!

bring your team

What can you expect?

  • Motivational and wellness themed seminars
  • Fitness celebrity meetings and photo opportunities
  • Expo with freebies
  • Evening entertainment on Saturday
  • Calisthenics, Kung-fu, Ultimate Strongman, Parkour competitions, showcases and more!

How will your team benefit?

  • Rev up team spirit
  • Combine competition and camaraderie
  • Improve team engagement
  • Develop work and wellness balance

How will you benefit?

  • Fosters a positive and healthy work environment
  • Motivated and happy employees
  • Promotes employee wellness

Who is it for?


Contact us, let’s negotiate!

So go ahead, lock in some summer fun, inspiration and #BringYourTeam