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Parkour Generations @ WPS – a world’s hit!

Powered by WPS’ official partner HealthGauge – read article on their website Free-running from London to Korea At London’s World Power Show, HealthGauge caught up with Parkour Generations founder Dan Edwardes, who we last heard from at the launch of writer Chris McDougall’s book “Natural Born Heroes” (read more). Such has been the success of Parkour Generations in the… Read More »

Breaking @ WPS – voted most impressive show!

The art of breaking… other than your bones! To start with, let us give you a taste of what Breaking – or Tameshiwari – is. That man below, Master Jonathan Field, is breaking 8 thick wood boards with his elbow, that’s right! The United States and World Breaking Association (USBA/WBA) and the International Sport Karate Association (ISKA) put up the… Read More »

UK Bar Tournament – Highlights!

We’re still reeling from the amazing calisthenics action at last weekend’s World Power Show and powered by SunWarrior and fizzYcaL. As you may know, world-renowned calisthenics guru, Frank Medrano made his first public appearance in the UK to meet fans, and judge Barmob’s UK Bar Tournament. But, what you may not know, is that Frank surprised all… Read More »

Strongman Fun at #WPSUK

The Strongman events at the World Power Show were in 1 word, INTENSE. Ultimate Strongest Man competition consisted of a variety of events and rounds including Tyre Flip, Log Lift, Truck Drag, Duck Walk, Stone of Strength and many more. Check out the video below to see what we mean – WOW! Stones of strength #WPSUK A video posted by… Read More »

Frank Bruno in the ring once more…

… only this time he was trading fists for anecdotes as he entertained audiences at #WPSUK. We had Frank scheduled to make the usual appearances at the meet and greet area but with a full-size ring in the house, why not chuck the former heavyweight in? Frank talked about what it was like to face… Read More »

World Power Show Day 2 (July 3rd) Schedule

Sunday, 3rd July 2016 – Day 2 Here it is! To view the schedule for Day 1 – Saturday,  2nd July >> Click Here << But of course, there WILL be queues so book now to get ahead! *Please note that both VIP and Ultra VIP passes are highly limited in availability    

World Power Show Day 1 (July 2nd) Schedule

Saturday, 2nd July 2016 – Day 1 Here it is!= To view the schedule for Day 2 – Sunday,  3rd July >> Click Here << But of course, there WILL be queues so book now to get ahead! *Please note that both VIP and Ultra VIP passes are highly limited in availability  

Wrestling Events Schedule – July 2nd

We’ve got an amazing, once if a life time line-up of wrestling events happening on Day 1 (July 2nd) of the World Power Show! British Wrestling will be supporting the World Power Show by showcasing a series of demonstration matches with some of their top talent in both the freestyle and Greco-Roman styles.   Are you excited? We sure are! Start Time End… Read More »

Muay Thai Events Schedule – July 2nd

Ever seen Muay Thai up close? It’ss mesmerizing. The precision, skill, and control required – WOW! The World Power Show will be hosting Muay Thai Championships – ranging from international competitions – UK versus Spain, to children’s events! Don’t miss this unique showcase of martial art talent!   But of course, there WILL be a queue so… Read More »

BarMob presents the UK Bar Tournament – July 3rd

We are proud to partner with BarMob and host the debut of the UK Bar Tournament at the World Power Show! Sunday 3rd, 2-5pm Proving Ground 16 person elimination round. 60 seconds to prove they are worthy to move on to the 1 vs 1 Battle Stage. Only 8 athletes will go through, the best 4 from… Read More »

Frank Medrano’s expert training advice

Here’s Frank Medrano‘s expert training advice, courtesy of Muscle & Fitness, magazine July 2016!   Frank is due to appear at the World Power Show show at ExCeL Londonon July 2 and 3.     There will be a queue to see Frank so book your place now to get in front!      … Read More »

Professional photo booth free to all attendees

Our media partners, fizzYcaL will be documenting the whole two days of the World Power Show and they’ll be turning stand 88 into a free photo booth. If you’ve been wanting to get some professional shots of yourself then here’s your opportunity! As well as your photo memento the fizzYcaL crew will be giving out… Read More »

Arnold Classic Europe Partners with #WPSUK

Need we say more? Everyone who is serious about bodybuilding knows that the Arnold series of events are among the most reputable on the planet. So it is with great honour that we announce their presence at #WPSUK as official partners! The event takes place in Barcelona this September 23-25 and is sure to once again… Read More »

World Power Show Meet & Greet Schedule

It’s out – here’s the inspiring line up for the weekend! Meet & Greets – Meet & Greet area Saturday – 2nd July 10.30 – Ronnie Coleman 11.30 – Frank Medrano 12.30 – Zack King Khan 14.30 – Ronnie Coleman 15.30 – Frank Medrano   Sunday – 3rd July 10.30 – Frank Medrano 11.30 – Eddie Hall… Read More »

World Power Show Seminar + Q&A Schedule

It’s out – here’s the inspiring line up for the weekend!   SEMINARS and Q&As – Seminar area   Saturday 2nd July 10:30 –SEMINAR: MetaPhysiques featuring Kelin Phillipson-Law (CEO) :  Harnessing the power of your mind  11:30 – Q&A : Ronnie Coleman (With audience participation) 12:30 – SEMINAR: PT Academy featuring Adam Kiani (CEO), Terroll Lewis, Luke Keating 13.00 – Q&A:  Terroll… Read More »

Meet premium fitness brands at World Power Show

ShakeSphere has a round lid and round base providing the optimum mixing environment for supplements and soft fruits without the need for additional mixing accessories. It also includes a slide cap seal and a pill and base storage. Here’s why the ShakeSphere shaker is like no other shaker: it mixes more than 4 times quicker than… Read More »

UKBFF’s English Grand Prix Running Order – July 2nd

What class are you most looking forward to? Show starts at 10:30am Running order: 1. Junior Bikini 2. Junior Physique 3. Master Bikini 4. Master Physique 5. Bodyfit U163 6. Classic 7. Bodyfit O163 8. Bodybuilding U80 9. Bodybuilding U90 10. Bodybuilding O90 11. Bikini U160 12. Physique U174 13. Bikini U163 14. Physique U178… Read More »

Parkour Events Announced!

You’ll always remember the sense of awe of seeing a human jump across the sky, springboard off a wall and land perfectly on a pole… and now you can. Parkour events will be happening all weekend at the World Power show! Did we mention that the world famous Parkour Generations team will be managing showcases? It’s going to… Read More »

England’s Strongest Man events announced!

So what feats of superhuman strength are on display at #WPSUK on Sunday’s England’s Strongest Man Finals? See below! Also, did we mention that this was being refereed by current UK Strongest Man, Eddie Hall? Stay tuned for who’s taking part @Worldpowershow. DUCKWALK FOR DISTANCE WEIGHT: 200KG DISTANCE: 20M COMPETITORS AT A TIME: 2 AXLE FOR… Read More »

UK’s Strongest Man events announced!

So what feats of superhuman strength are on display at #WPSUK on Saturday’s UK’s Strongest Man Finals? See below! Stay tuned for who’s taking part @Worldpowershow. DUCKWALK FOR DISTANCE WEIGHT: 200KG TIME: 90 SECONDS DISTANCE: 20M COMPETITORS AT A TIME: 2 DADDY DUMBELL FOR REPS WEIGHT: 80KG TIME: 90 SECONDS COMPETITORS AT A TIME: 2 CAR DEADLIFT… Read More »

Ronnie Coleman: Schedule Announcement

Ronnie Coleman, 8 X Mr Olympia, will be LIVE on stage at the World Power Show! Here’s the schedule* you’ve been waiting for: Saturday: 10:30: Meet and greet session 1 11:30: Live Q&A session with audience participation 1 14:30: Meet and greet session 2 16:30: VIP session 1 Sunday: 10:30: VIP session 2 13:30: Meet and… Read More »

Frank Medrano: Schedule announcement

Frank Medrano, arguably the most revered calisthenics athlete, will be making his first UK appearance at the World Power Show! Here’s the schedule* you’ve been waiting for: Saturday: 11:30: Meet and greet session 14:30: Live Q&A session with audience participation 15:30: Meet and greet session Sunday: 10:30: Meet and greet session 14:00: Judging UK Bar… Read More »

Eddie Hall: Schedule Announcement

Eddie Hall,  current World Record Holder for the heaviest dead-lift, will be at the World Power Show! Here’s the schedule* you’ve been waiting for: Sunday: 11:30: Meet and Greet Session 1 12:30: Meet and Greet Session 2 14:30: Q&A 15:30: VIP session Of course, there will be a queue to see Eddie so book your place now to… Read More »

Behind the scenes: World’s Strongest Man prep!

This awesome video by Muscle and Fitness will give you a striking glimpse into the World’s Strongest Man’s universe. Sit and watch the master in action! — You’ll have a chance to meet Strongman Eddie at the World Power Show on day 2 (Sunday) 1 hr Exclusive VIP meet & greet 30 min-1hr speaking & Q&A Meet and greet signings… Read More »

BPI Sports to exhibit at #WPSUK

Sports nutritional specialists BPI Sports will have their range of supplements on show at the ExCel! What’s more, they will be bringing two of their most exciting young sensations: Erko Jun, Owen and Lewis Harrison (AKA The Harrison Twins) with them! THE HARRISON TWINS The Harrison twins are International Fitness models, Personal Trainers and BPI Ambassadors.… Read More »

Frank Medrano on his training, diet & motivation

Ahead of his very first UK appearance at the show this July, the world’s best Calisthenics athlete took some time to speak to us about questions no doubt we all have. Frank will be meeting fans but also judging the UK Bar Tournament 2016 — so you know the winners will gain a lot of… Read More »

Crossfit embraces Clubbell Yoga: Meet Baylea

I am continually impressed with the students that travel from far away places to take the Clubbell Yoga seminar, a crash course in Vinyasa Yoga, Clubbells & CST Coaching. One such student that far surpassed my expectations is Baylea Protine, who was the first to lead Clubbell Yoga at a local Crossfit Box. Checkout her… Read More »

Nutty Nibbles – No Nasties

I definitely have a sweet tooth and sometimes I just have to give in to it… SO I would like to introduce you to my Nutty Nibbles – perfect for pre and post workout and even for those moments when you just need something sweet and tasty… This recipe is nice and simple to create… Read More »

Move Over, Movie Magic! Parkour is here!

French born Kevin Francomme spent most of his life in Reunion Island, situated in the Indian Ocean. Kevin has an extensive background in a variety of sports including karate, football and volleyball. He has been involved in parkour since 2004, and is now a part of Parkour Generations Performance Team – a talented group of skilled athletes who have performed the… Read More »

From Running A Marathon To Being A Calisthenics Star

Frankie is a personal trainer, with a passion for calisthenics, as well as a featured blogger for the World Power Show! We sat down for a quick chat to learn more about the world of bodyweight excercise and blogging! Ohhh… Calisthenics is a big word eh? How would describe this to someone in a nutshell?… Read More »

Gloriously Green

I love me a smoothie… Me and my Nutribullet are best friends! I came up with this beauty when I was craving something comforting and silky smooth…and boy it’s good… Perfect hit of warming cayenne chili pepper to boost you in the wintery weather… Happy smoothie time • 2 bananas • 1/2 avocado • Spinach… Read More »

Will Eddie Join Thor In Hollywood?

We all know Eddie Hall, who holds the world record* for deadlift, lifting an incredible 463kg (1,020lb or over 73 stone) at Europe’s Strongest Man in July 2015. We wanted to get to know the real Eddie, and understand his motivations, priorities, aspirations…and how he really feels about his biggest competition! How much of performing a world-record… Read More »

Ninja at the World Power Show!

Drew Serrano (featured in the video below), Kun Tao master, co-World Record Holder in power breaking, and founder of USBA/WBA will be running the First Ever WBA and ISKA European Breaking Championships at the World Power Show! This is the first time a major Breaking competition has ever come to the UK and promises to be… Read More »

Why Is Celery Like Clark Kent?

It’s stiff, pretty unassuming and possess super powers: 1. REGULATES BLOOD PRESSURE The chemical compound that gives celery its distinctive smell and taste is known to reduce blood pressure by relaxing blood vessels and the muscles around the arteries. Calcium, magnesium, and potassium present in the vegetable also have key roles in regulating blood pressure.… Read More »

A Heavenly Homemade Combo

So I only went and made some peanut butter chocolate inspired by lucybee coconut oil…*licks lips* Guilt free deliciousness in 20 minutes…(potentially eaten in less) Next time I’m going to experiment with some shapes using ice trays!! Recipe: – 50g raw cacao powder – 1 tbspn peanut butter – 1 tbspn honey (runny) – 8… Read More »

Now, that’s what we call style!

Watch Francois ‘Forrest’ Mahop, the ever so stylish parkour artist mesmerize you with his fluid moves, effortless leaps and flawless jumps. Wow! Forrest is joining us at the World Power Show, this July – and we can’t wait to watch him in action. Want to see more parkour? Beat the queues – Book your place now! 

Limited Time Offer: Get a ShakeSphere shaker with WPS VIP Tickets!

Hey there, fitness friends! We’re pretty pumped for Summer’16 – it’s going to be the greatest fitness season ever! To help you prep, we have teamed up with ShakeSphere with a special VIP offer! ShakeSphere is the revolutionary easy-clean protein shaker bottle that is really well, shaking the fitness industry   What makes it so special? These amazing… Read More »

Berry Bowl Bonanza!

Tired of regular granola, oats, cereal, or eggs for breakfast? We understand, sometimes the routine gets a little … well, dull. But, worry not! Acai (pronounced Ah-Sigh-Ee) bowls are the latest healthy breakfast trend, and justifiably so – they’re delicious and packed with anti-oxidants, omega-3s, and amino acids! Acai is an Amazonian berry, with amazing health benefits,… Read More »

Parkour: A Hollywood Hit!

Alex Pownall started Parkour in 2006, after seeing Sebastien Foucan’s infamous chase sequence at the beginning of Casino Royale. Currently Alex is a member of Parkour Generations’ Performance Team – a team that has been involved in Hollywood movies such as District 13, Babylon A.D., World War Z and many more! You’ll get a chance to hang out… Read More »

Meet Didga, The Parkour Cat

Yes, you read that right! (or, should we say, purrrfectly?) We’ve all seen Parkour in action in the movies – it’s simply mesmerizing! As a sport, it truly challenges and pushes the human body’s limitations – ultimately aiming to conquer both the body and the mind via movement. Didga uses her feline agility to achieve… Read More »

Flying The Flag High! Brit Pride at WPS!

It’s flag week in England- what with the Queen’s 90th birthday on Thursday, and St George’s day on Saturday!   Keeping with the theme of the week, we’re excited to showcase our own British Pride – the star athletes of WPS!     EDDIE HALL Born in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Eddie is the current world record for deadlift, lifting over… Read More »

Tori Tells All – How To Get Into Calisthenics!

We sat down for a chat with the extremely talented, calisthenics beauty, Tori Beaumont … So calisthenics eh? What or who inspired you to take up the sport? “I was inspired to take up Cali as I had been watching Aslan Steel in the gym working on human flags & muscle ups & it fascinated me. It… Read More »

Fitstagrams We’re Totally Into!

These awesome instagrams are the only #gymspiration you will need this week! 1. @jamesbennett_fit Great to have a feature today by @team_raw_genetic @raw_genetic @raw_genetic_clothing @rawgenetic_motivation Clothing lines on point Excited to try the new lux bars sent through from @bbwarehouse tonight #repost #picoftheday #instagram #instagood #love #gym #instagym #motivation #fit #fitspo #fitspiration #selfie #bodybuilding #monday #igdaily… Read More »

You Move Like A Girl! Good For You!

Shirley Darlington-Rowat was drawn to parkour’s creativity and dynamism of both mind and body. Shirley has been practising parkour since 2008, and is the main driving force behind Parkour Generations‘ women’s Parkour scene, managing SheCanTrace – the women’s initiative that aims to increase the amount of women participating in Parkour and coaching Parkour around the UK.   Join us… Read More »

5 ways to stay fuller longer

by World Power Show speaker and expert fitness coach Lee Constantinou Hunger is one of the hardest battles you’ll face in your quest to get lean, visible abs. It’s completely natural and something that you should expect to experience if you’re eating a calorie restricted diet for a long period of time. Hunger is one of… Read More »

Eddie “The Beast” Hall – Confirmed for World Power Show!

5x UK’s Strongest Man | 3x Britain’s Strongest Man | World’s 4th Strongest man  WORLD RECORD Holder for the heaviest deadlift-  463KG! Imagine weighing 178kg, (or 28 stone), towering at a height of 190cm (or 6 Feet, 3 inches), having a chest size of 66 inches, and wearing clothes size 5XL… Well, that’s Eddie Hall for you! Eddie plans to… Read More »

WIN FREE TICKETS – Dr Zak’s x WPS competition

Update May 1st 2016: Thank you for your interest in our competition, which has now expired. Why not try your luck in the World Power Contest to win a fabulous trip all inclusive to Thailand? Congratulations to Alessandro P. who wins 2 free tickets for the World Power Show! Competition time! We’re excited to reveal that Dr Zak’s and the World… Read More »

Parkour: The Weightlifting Connection

Wait, we thought that parkour was more akin to calisthenics than weightlifting? Chris ‘Blane’ Rowat, Senior Coach at Parkour Generations who will be at the World Power Show explains how training for a sport evolves and adapts over time, and how cross training is important. Keen to see more cool parkour moves? Beat the queues… Read More »

Bodybuilding & Krispy Kremes: What’s The Connection?

Join us for a chat with the very charming Austin Williams, who is gunning for the top spot at this year’s UKBFF’s English Grand Prix at the World Power Show!  If you can start your fitness career again, would you do anything differently? “I would go back in time and retrain myself.” There is nothing quite like presenting… Read More »

WPS has #joinedthemob

Exciting news everyone – BarMob is now a part of WorldPowerShow! BarMob is a team that promotes street workouts which incorporate the principles of bodyweight exercises such as calisthenics and bar workouts. The organisation is a gym’s worst nightmare -promoting a healthy and fit lifestyle using resources that are readily available in daily life, and… Read More »

Parkour Generations Has Leaped On Board!

Yes, it’s official! Parkour Generations, the largest professional organisation for Parkour has leaped on to the the World Power Show stage! Trust us, if you are into Parkour, there is no one else you’d have running the show! Parkour is a mesmerizing sport that challenges and pushes the human body’s limitations. The beauty of parkour is… Read More »

Bodybuilding : Is personality more important than looks?

We got to sit down and have a chat with the very charismatic PJ Wisbey on life as a bodybuilder, fitness habits and diets and got a behind-the-scenes peek into what it’s like to compete on stage! If you can start your fitness career again, would you do anything differently? “To be honest, no!  I… Read More »

All Hail Kale

I love a crisp… not going to deny it! So when I tried out making a healthy option and they tasted amazing, I was pretty darn happy…*crunch* Obviously I want to spread the scoff-tastic joy! So without further ado, here is the recipe and method!   What will you need: 1 Bunch of Kale –… Read More »

Warning: scoffing may occur

Peanut Butter Bites To make a batch of 8 (depending on how big you make them) the amounts below should be plenty… – 5 heaped tablespoons of crunchy peanut butter – I only use Meridian as it’s my favourite and in my opinion the BEST – 2 table spoons of runny honey – 2 eggs… Read More »

Ronnie Coleman Talks About Life As A Cop

Ronnie Coleman, 8 x Mr Olympia started off his career in body building first as a hobby, while working full time as a police officer in Arlington, Texas. Ronnie served on the police force for over two decades, and in this video below, he reflects on what it was like to be a cop.  … Read More »

Nap Hack: Tip For Early Risers…

If you’re early risers, like we are, you’ll know that after a highly productive morning you’re likely experience a slump not to dissimilar in feeling to your chin being replaced by the fists of Tyson, Lennox, Foreman and Ali combined! Sleep is the best… supplement and if you aren’t getting enough then a 20 minute… Read More »

Reflecting on Bodybuilding – The Arnold Schwarzenegger Story

In the run up to UKBFF launching a new class, “Men’s Open Physique” at the World Power Show this July, we decided to reflect on the sport and how it has evolved over the years. Of course, it’s impossible to talk about body building without bringing up the man himself, Arnold and how better to understand… Read More »

Observing Gym Wildlife

Narrated in a manner that would make Sir David Attenborough chuckle, this video gives you a rare glimpse into the scary world of gym wildlife.  

No Gym? No problem!

  With a bit of imagination, it is possible to create a workout wherever you are and have some fun in the process. The majority of my workouts are either park based or home based. Come rain or shine I can keep fit, predominantly using just my own bodyweight and it’s FREEEEEEE! If you open your… Read More »

Alberto Gallazzi: Mobility Before Strength

At first glance, you may look at this former bodyguard and be a hair intimidated by his physique… I know I was when I first shook his hand many years ago. But once you get to know him, you will soon realize that he is a loyal family man with a huge heart. Alberto is… Read More »

Still think this isn’t Yoga?

Sometimes I feel like I am an undercover agent at my Clubbell Yoga seminars… like I am bringing the ‘yoga secrets’ to movement specialists from “the other side” i.e. the lifters. My most recent London seminar actually had the most yoga teachers in attendance to date, so I got to flip my usual role and… Read More »

St. Patty’s Day – A Guide To Recovery

Hey there, fitness friends! So, this Thursday, a little event called St Patrick’s Day will be causing chaos on your carefully curated workout regimen. Worry not, here, at the World Power Show, we have got you covered to ensure that not only will you be able to enjoy “healthy booze” but also feast on a… Read More »

This Tennis Icon Changed Women’s Sports Forever!

The theme for IWD’s 2016 is #PledgeForParity, and this is something that we can all work together to make achievable. Today, we are honoring Billie Jean King, the American Tennis icon who was instrumental in making sure that women in sports get paid for their talent! Watch this beautiful video where she opens up about… Read More »

5 Fabulous Females in Boxing

Females have participated in boxing for almost as long as the sport has existed (back in the  18th century!), however, women’s boxing was first included in the 1904 Olympic games. Here are 5 of the world’s greatest female boxing talents! WOW!   Want to experience some cool martial arts? Book your ticket now for the World Power Show.… Read More »

So you think Sumo is just a question of letting yourself go?

We all know by now that being a sumo is more than just being large. We’ll take you behind the scenes and show you what you need to become a true Rikishi (Sumo wrestler). 1. It’s a good thing manbuns are in style these days, because you’re going to need one. The Chonmage (topknot) is… Read More »

5 Ways to Make 2016 The Year of Wellness!

Wellness… what do we mean exactly? Well (he he), we mean companies who encourage their employees to stay fit, lose weight and the like. We at the World Power Show love to go mountaineering, for example, and we know that there are many of you who often do marathons and other fitness challenges with work… Read More »

Mums- The Key To More Energy (Hint: it’s not getting more sleep!)

It’s that time of year again, Mother’s Day! It’s always hard to find perfect gift for the yummy mummy in your life, isn’t it? Here at The World Power Show, we believe that fitness is the paramount, and here’s why! 5.  Improves your metabolism According to the NHS, the most effective way to boost your metabolism… Read More »

Getting your parents into fitness

We aren’t experts at psychology but we do have parents. And we do have parents that could stand to be a little bit fitter. If you’re reading this the chances are that you are of a certain age and spend more time thinking of your parents welfare than they do yours – at least in… Read More »

What’s all the fuss about Frank Medrano?

No matter who you are, the first thing you notice about Frank is, as his fellow Americans would say, jacked physique. One thing you may notice too, taking into account what we discussed about the current state of men’s body building, is that whilst being every bit as chiseled as the next fitness model, he retains… Read More »

Want better abs? THINK about them

Don’t underestimate the power of sheer thought during your work-outs, it’s truly fascinating! Scientists have long known the connection between the brain and muscle movement, but now, they have discovered that imagery techniques can delay muscle atrophy. This means that simply thinking about your workout can yield results. Some studies have even shown muscle’s to… Read More »

100 Years of Female Fitness Fashion

If you think walking in high heels isn’t easy, imagine working out in them? From full length sleeves and maxi skirts, to the current trend of “athleisure,” we have come a long way, haven’t we? Oh and did we mention that video is also a subtle journey through the evolution of music AND common gym… Read More »

Training when you ARE the weights!

Yes, that is indeed a picture of a man using one arm to support his entire body weight — upside down. We don’t even want to ponder the sheer level of strength and coordination required for such an achievement but we can see it’s enough to get millions around the world following your every move – if… Read More »

Rediscover the push up with these eye-catching techniques!

Push-ups are one of the oldest and most basic of exercises but they are still around for a simple reason: They work. The exercise positions all the muscles in the upper body and builds optimal strength in the forearms, shoulders, chest. They will also “get rid of the jiggle” by targeting the upper arms. And, when… Read More »

Kung Fu-tball – hilarious pseudo Kung Fu on the pitch!

It’s easy to overlook the fact that before there were established martial arts there were simply people… who wanted to hurt each other… This rather unsettling-yet-hilarious compilation is the perfect way to get in the mood for some actual duels taking place at the World Power Show this year – mind you, at the event,… Read More »

Muay Thai Facts – kicks to the groin were legal?

Ever the bringer of hard-to-find knowledge in an entertaining and short video, Shawn Fazen from @FightTips shares 5 interesting things about one of the most intense sports around! Get ready to impress your mates with your casual martial arts knowledge. While your here, why not subscribe to our mailing list? All subscribers get exclusive offers from World Power… Read More »

An Unofficial Guide to Self-Defense

With a universe of different disciplines, styles and techniques, picking a list of 5 martial arts techniques essential for basic self-defence isn’t easy. Shane Fazen over at @FightTips does us all a favour and uses his wide array of knowledge on martial arts not only to give you five of the best techniques – but… Read More »

“Karate Kid” wows judges on Britain’s Got Talent

Watch Jesse Jane MacParland, the cute kid from County Armagh, Ireland as she  wows the judges during her audition for Britain’s Got Talent! Was that amazing or what! This July, on the 2nd and 3rd at ExCel, London, you will be able to witness and enjoy the World Power Show which will host some spectacular martial… Read More »

Martial Artists — Cheerleaders In Disguise?

At first glance, the cheerleading discipline and martial arts practice don’t necessarily seem related or connected. In the past, the former was primarily female dominated, and perceived to be more akin to dance; while the latter was more male dominated and similar to fighting. Cheerleaders typically wear shorts and carry pompoms, and martial artists tend… Read More »

Return of the King – Ronnie Coleman is back

The “Pele” of the bodybuilding world will be making an appearance at the World Power Show and Expo at ExCel this July 2 and 3 – His first appearance in more than 2 years. The only bodybuilder to officially have more titles than he has muscle fibres, Big Ron will not only be meeting his… Read More »

5 British Sports You Won’t Believe Exist

The world can be a pretty ridiculous place, evidenced by the American news headline boasting “Dog Rides Bus By Herself to Dog Park.” The British, however, are better known for their stiff upper lip and proper ways So, when it came to these sports, even we did a double take. Presenting, in no particular order,… Read More »

What 90% of people ask this fitness icon…

Frank Medrano is a famous body building icon who motivates millions of people to get not only into shape, but transform their bodies into something that would make even Michelangelo swoon. What’s his secret? Is it really about his routines? Surely, he must be doing something on the side… or should we say, EATING something on the… Read More »

A Gym’s worst nightmare! Calisthenics – what you need to know

Move over, Michelangelo, Calisthenics is here to sculpt your body! Fun fact: The word Calisthenics actually stems from the Greek words kálos, meaning beauty, and sthénos meaning strength, and is the technique of using bodyweight to sculpt your physique. What we find particularly fascinating about this sport is its ability to challenge and transform the body –… Read More »

Beauty and the Freak?… the current state of men’s bodybuilding

As we eagerly anticipate the UKBFF English Grand Prix taking place at the World Power Show for the first time this year (yay!) we were diving into all things bodybuilding. Naturally, one can’t even tip their toe into the world of bodybuilding without coming across a certain Mr Schwarzenegger. Arnold, speaking at the latest Arnold… Read More »

Are vegan diets and extreme workouts compatible?

What if we were telling you that you can be just as strong with a plant-based diet as with animal proteins? Building muscle on a vegan diet is a reality! Veganism is a choice – usually motivated by health reasons or to fight against animal cruelty – consisting of refraining the consumption of animal products;… Read More »

Chessboxing a game or a fight?

Last week the World Power Show team attended the York Hall Chessboxing live show organised by our partner London Chessboxing to find out what it was all about! Well, we got our answer: Chessboxing is an explosive mix of impressive athletic skills and a sharp mind. And what a great show! Opponents alternate 11 rounds… Read More »

Who wants to be the next Mr Olympia?

Mr Olympia is the annual international bodybuilding competition launched by Joe Weider in 1965. Every year in Las Vegas, it gathers the world’s most impressive physiques, ready to show off some ripped muscles on stage and eventually win the ultimate bodybuilding award. The many famous bodybuilders competing for over 50 years have made Mr Olympia… Read More »

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