Why exhibit?

London’s first ever all-in-one fitness expo at the Excel seeks to provide its partners with a unique and effective platform on which to better connect with their current and future audiences.

Here are a few reasons to exhibit at the World Power Show:

Dedicated audience

With 13 long-running tournaments run by the authorities of their respective fields, thousands of spectators, supporters and athletes — who were previously separated by different dates and locations — will now be under the same roof at the same time.
If you have a product or service relevant to these fields you simply must get in front of these people!

New (local and international) audience in the UK’s capital

Whereas similar shows have existed in other parts of the UK, an all-out fitness expo is yet to find a home in London. The World Power Show will also be appealing to the millions of health-conscious Londoners who are looking for the latest product or bit of tech to help them stay in shape.

High-profile celebrities for a high-profile occasion

Not only are we looking at providing you with thousands of on-site visitors but we are also offering a much wider exposure to a global audience. Working with celebs like the legendary Ronnie Coleman and the white-hot Frank Medrano the World Power Show will be receiving a lot of attention in the coming months. Many more high-profile announcements to follow…

Flexible partnership options

We know that not every company is the same so we don’t see the need to have standardised options – although those are there for those who want them.

If you see that a particular aspect of the show can have a benefit to your product, then we will do what we can to leverage it.

Just get in touch with us for a detailed consultation.